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  • El agua bajo el suelo de Murcia – Sala del Agua

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    We invite you to check the few differences between surface and underground water circulation, the reactions that happen in the different aquifers when percolation rise or diminish, or when we activate or cease water abstractions. Also we equally observe how  water boreholes affect each other , the different capacity to release water according its permeability, and the importance of the proper location of a water well and a state of proper maintenance.

    Where does the water that percolate the land go?

    Under the land of Murcia exists a list of permeable materials, mostly silt, sandy and gravel. which are called aquifers. They act as sponges that absorb a great part of the surface waters, comprising the so- called ‘ Hydrogeological Unity of the Segura river’.

    Percolations from traditional irrigation, losses from pipes, ditches and the river, even the rain water that reach the soil are not ‘lost’ in an unknown and uncontrolled zone, but stored in these aquifers, which are studied by hydrogeological techniques and that purify , prevent its evaporation and transport it long distances, allowing us to use them everywhere and anytime, with a smaller cost than shallow waters.

    The flow of the Segura, during its passage by Murcia, it is not limited to the one observed in the river course since the materials than the river has deposited over time in ‘la Huerta’ increase, imperceptibly, the surface and depth of the observable river bank, where it flows, storing more than double the storage capacity of all the existing reservoirs. About 3000 cubic hectometres.

    Boreholes for subterranean extraction
    Currently, besides the drainage channels, exist the wells and boreholes where you can extract water from the subterranean reservoir before it starts to overflow. Vertical draining , which passes through underground materials and that according to  its permeability and thickness, allow us to extract more or less water.

    El agua bajo el suelo de Murcia / Water under the land of Murcia

    «El agua bajo el suelo de Murcia» es un módulo de la Sala del Agua incluido dentro de la sección «Agua y geografía»