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  • Erosión y desertificación – Sala del Agua

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    Descripción del módulo / Module description


    Observe how the soil with vegetation is more protected against erosion.

    Plants fix the soil with its roots, stop the impact of the rain over the land and facilitate the absorption of water in the surface, avoiding runoffs that cause dragging and subsequently soil loss.

    In places without vegetation, desertification process leads to the formation of areas utterly unprotected against the corrosive agents. If soil protection is not guaranteed, the advance of the desert is unstoppable.

    In our region, desertification is, currently, one of the most worrying environmental problems.

    Erosión y desertificación / Erosion and desertification

    «Erosión y desertificación» es un módulo de la Sala del Agua incluido dentro de la sección «Agua y geografía»