AVISO: CERRADA SALA DESCUBRE del 20 al 25 de febrero.
Ya puedes realizar tu reserva para acceder de nuevo a la sala Descubre, desde el 2 de diciembre.
Puedes llamar al 968211998 o en recepción del museo.
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  • Litoral sumergido – Sala del Agua

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    Descripción del módulo / Module description


    Marine phanerogams
    They are going to endow this depth with unique features for life, supplying oxygen, nutrients and shelter to a wide marine community. The so-called » marine forest » is constituted by  meadows of the most important among the phanerogams, Posidonia oceanica.  

    These sea bottoms are characterized by having a highly monotonous an impoverish appearance, with few vegetation cover or animals in its surface. Nonetheless, there are plenty of organisms who live buried under the sand.

    These bottoms are very rich in flora and fauna. They present a high landscape beauty, exhibiting steep and changing contours, with appealing forms and colours from the abundant vegetal and animal species that upholster it almost completely.

    Coastal detritic
    Soft bottoms, whose sediments are a mix of elements of inert and organic source ( remains of shells). We can find a high variety of algae and fauna, with all the taxa represented, from sponges and cnidarians to molluscs, crustacean and fishes.

    Bottoms where the main organisms are calcareous or  coralline algae. With stunning design, crowded with flora and fauna. This «forest» is very rich in life, providing food and shelter to a great diversity of fauna.

    Litoral sumergido / Underwater coastline

    «Litoral sumergido» es un módulo de la Sala del Agua incluido dentro de la sección «Agua y vida»