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  • Planeta Agua – Sala del Agua

    Audioguía / Audio guide



    Descripción del módulo / Module description


    Not far away from the border of a galaxy known as The Milky Way, into a planetary system that orbits a medium sized star called The Sun, there is a planet whose inhabitants call the Earth.

    That is not a really suitable name; it is not the earth in our planet which made and still makes life possible. Rocks and minerals here are not so different from those that can be found in desolated and lifeless planets in the same part of the Universe. No, what makes this planet unique is the presence of another substance..water, a hydrogen and oxygen combination with peculiar properties that makes it the real vital soul of the biosphere. Maybe our planet is badly named and should be given another name: maybe Planet Water.

    Planeta Agua / Planet Water

    «Planeta Agua» es un módulo de la Sala del Agua incluido dentro de la sección «Agua y ciencia»