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  • Principio de Arquímedes – Sala del Agua

    Audioguía / Audio guide



    Descripción del módulo / Module description


    Sink the object in the water with the pushbutton and monitor its weight  with the dynamometer. Remove the object and measure the weight again.

    Why the weight of the object inside the water is lower? That very question was made by Archimedes, mathematician and physicist born in Syracuse in the third century B.C.

    According to legend, he found the solution on his bath and therefore his well-known quote Eureka! ( which means ‘ I found it’ in Greek )

    Archimedes realised that, in a plunged body, besides the weight another force was involved. That force is the object’s buoyancy, opposite to the weight. For that reason our dynamometer  shows a lower weight when we keep our items sunk in the water.

    Archimedes´ observation reached further and discovered that buoyancy had the same value that the weight of the volume of the displaced liquid.

    Ratio between weight and buoyancy determine whether and object will sink or float. If the weight is higher than buoyancy, the body will sink, otherwise the body floats. If they are equal, the body stays balanced inside the water. 


    Principio de Arquímedes / Archimedes' principle

    «Principio de Arquímedes» es un módulo de la Sala del Agua incluido dentro de la sección «Agua y ciencia»