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  • ¿Quién gana? – Sala del Agua

    Audioguía / Audio guide



    Descripción del módulo / Module description


    Push the button and see the water jets that come out from the three holes.

    The lowest jet is the one which goes further. The higher one drops nearer because its exit speed is smaller. If we would like to increase the speed, and accordingly the range of the jets, it would only take to build a higher column and to pour more liquid.

    Water inside the tube is the reason of the  different speeds for the water jets; low holes and high tanks will deliver high speeds. That is due to the force of the water, the hydrostatic pressure, which is directly proportional to the depth we are located.

    Similarly , living creatures who live on the deep sea have to endure a very high hydrostatic pressure. This factor, combined to the  shortage of food and light is responsible for the low biodiversity in those areas. 

    ¿Quién gana? / Which one wins?

    «¿Quién gana?» es un módulo de la Sala del Agua incluido dentro de la sección «Agua y ciencia»